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Work for the Petletariat!

Petletariat Pet Services LLC partners with caring, hard-working pet owners and energetic, smart, compassionate pet care professionals to enrich the lives of the animals’ petpublic of Brooklyn.  Applications are being accepted for commissars of walkie takins, head rubbins and food bowl fillins.

Current opportunity is available for a temporary part-time dog walker local to Ditmas Park, Flatbush or Kensington area between noon and 3pm June 4th – 9th.



  • Innate interest in animal behavior

  • Experience in dog handling – personal, professional pet sitting and/or shelter volunteering

  • Excellent in-person verbal and text-written communication

  • Attention to detail following individualized instructions for each dog while walking 2 dogs at the same time

  • Adherence to company policies – no smoking, drugs, headphones, staring at phones during walks

  • Compliance with leash laws and waste pick-up

  • Tenacity and positive attitude in all weather conditions

  • Reliable cell phone for pics and texts

  • Respectful behavior in clients’ homes and trustworthy carefulness with clients’ keys

  • Appropriate urgency following given schedule and reliable transportation method

Qualified candidates are also comfortable with a background check and ease of signing and complying with non-compete agreement.

​Other Important Stuff:  The Petletariat operates as an equal opportunity letch to all of furkind whether pure bred, mutt, old and slow or young and hyper.  Rescues, pit bulls, other dogs that are afraid of pit bulls, lazy dogs, dogs that need a “heel” every three feet, cats that hide, cats you won’t want to leave and sweet furry faces you’ll want to hold all day.  Our dogs and cats practice a variety of religions and most are bisexual.  We welcome the same diversity in our Pet Care Professionals.  We observe, welcome and appreciate each pet’s unique personality and tailor each visit to the needs of the pet.  We leave thoughtful communication to the owners freeing them from worry or wonder of their pet’s independent life and sometimes we make money playing with kittens.

To receive an application please email

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