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Overnight Boarding

Safe, fun, temporary home for friendly, well-socialized dogs at Petletariat headquarters which is a second floor, one bedroom apartment in Ditmas Park.


$70/night for 1 dog
Some special needs add $5-$15
Sibling pups add $15 each

Holidays add $15
Includes 3 to 5 walks per day, adherence to meal schedules, training regimens, meds if needed, access to all human furniture, lots of toys, comfy beds and constant supervision. Dogs are never left alone more than 4 hours in a day.


You are welcome to schedule an initial visit to see where your dog would be staying, but if it doesn’t fit into your schedule, pictures and personal recomendations from clients who have visted are available. They can attest that their dogs are always happy to trot in when they arrive like a home away from home.

Who’s at home? Me and the house spaniel. Parker is a 12 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – very friendly and interested in all dogs. A little shy at times, submissive, if not dismissive to dogs with mild-to-moderate aggression issues, quite waggy happy to see his regular friends and mostly lazy spending a lot of time expertly holding down the couch.  He also has a myriad of food and environment allergies. Dogs are fed separately.  Floors and toys are cleaned frequently and paws are wiped after every walk outside to cut down on irritants inside.




Transportation is available for furguest pick up and drop offs. Walking transport: $1 each block round trip. Car transport $15 +$1 each mile both ways.

What to pack for dog camp: Food with a couple extra meals in case of an emergency extended stay, any meds, small comfort item to help make the pup feel at home like a small blanket or fav toy.  There are plenty of beds, towels, blankets and toys in the apartment though.

Rates are calculated in 24 hr increments. Partial-day charges will be applied after a 2 hr overage. Frequency and package discounts are available too for stays over 10 nights.

Walkie Takin's

Small pack walks within Ditmas Park with an experienced pet care professional

$20/30 min walk 11am-5pm M-F for 1 dog
Weekly rate prescheduled M-F $95
Some special needs add $5-$10 per walk
Sibling pups add $10 each

Holidays add $10
Service area: Avenue H to Church Ave and Ocean Ave to Coney Island Ave

Rate includes navigating the sidewalks of Brooklyn by calmly staying away from dogs that are off leash, properly introducing appropriate pack mates, being friendly and discrete to nosy neighbors, charming paranoid supers and landlords, avoiding chicken bones, feral cat turds and other urban hazards all in cooperation with positive reinforcement leash training techniques.





Healthy, active, friendly dogs are sometimes out longer for accommodating the pick up and/or drop off of their pack pals. Longer walks by request are only offered as available with an additional charge.  A text message is sent during each walk with the time of the service and notable activity so you can plan the rest of your day informed with your pet’s needs and progress. Most of the time, they include adorable pictures as well. Your responses are more than welcomed, though it is not required. If you do not receive a text by 5pm, please feel free, if not compelled to check in at 718-790-9533 and 347-274-5108. Technology is fallible after all.  In case of illness of pet, the owner is notified immediately by call, text and email.

What we need:

Two sets of keys which are secured at all times. A 2-3 hour time frame to walk the dog(s).

Leashes and harnesses must be available in the same location at every visit.

A towel for drying off the pup at the end of the walk in case of wet weather

No neck collars, tandem leashes, homemade leashes and no retractable leashes.

Cat Visits            

A certified cat apologist is read to serve.

$20/40 min visit 10am-5pm every day for up to 3 cats
Frequency discounts available
Some special needs add $5 per visits
Over 3 cats add $3

Holidays add $10

Service area: Avenue H to Church Ave and Ocean Ave to Coney Island Ave

Rate includes feeding and fresh water in clean bowls, litter scoopins at every visit, brushing (if allowed), medication (if allowed without anxiety or injury to the cat or sitter), all the head rubbin's and love they can stand and we'll water the plants and bring in the mail.

Whether string addict or parnoid loner, accomodating feline proclivities is our mission. You'll recieve an update by text during or after each visit and pictures when possible.






What we need:

An initial meeting to introduce the sitter to the cats with the owner present.

Two sets of keys which are secured at all times.

Feeding and med instructions in advance of first cat visit.

Plenty food for the duration of the service.

Payments are due in advance for all services. We accept cash, check (made payable to The Petletariat) or Chase Quickpay.

Cancellations and Suspensions of Service:

Proper care and feeding of your pet sitter requires 24hrs notice for individual walk cancellations without a $7 fee. Regular weekly walking clients, please give as much notice as possible for lengthy interruptions or terminations in daily walks (vacations, job changes and moves).  Cat visits and boarding cancellation agreements are determined in the booking process of each request and fees are based on the amount of the confirmed service.

Holiday rates are charged on the following: New Years Day, Martin Luther King Jr Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.

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