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Walkie Takins, Head Rubbins and Food Bowl Fillins


Why a professional?

Because when your boyfriend is your pet sitter, you get text messages like "Chillax, I'm sure your cat’s still alive."


When you hire from the Petletariat your updates come before your worries and from a compassionate and skilled fellow pet parent. Maybe when you work from home, you actually want to get some work done. Or maybe your dog needs to be socialized, but you've already met enough people.

The pet caretakers at the Petletariat are bonded and insured and experienced with a variety of pet personalities. We recognize the individuality in your pet, the importance of reliability and the fun of taking care of the furclass.  We don’t just feed and move the string for Chairman Meow, we know that if the string isn’t chased, all humans involved will be in violation of the Geneva Catvention.

We provide thoughtful, prompt communication because we are pet parents too - occasionally holding ourselves and our furkids in mutual hostage because the friend that used to dogsit married someone that hates dogs or because the neighbor’s kid keeps losing the keys and eating all the ice cream. We provide security, experience, friendship and a little personal training to our sidewalk dog celebrities. We don’t just visit, we serve and we don't just walk, we work. 

Work for the Petletariat

​Opportunities available for walkie takers and pet lovers!

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